daveK“I’m in better physical shape at 52 that I was at age 35.”
-Dave C.









“The most important thing I’ve learned from training is to have the proper form when you are doing the exercise. When Jamie starts me on an exercise, he always tells me what area or muscles to concentrate on when I do it. I feel great. I have a ton of energy and enjoy doing things now. I actually like going to the gym and like the feeling I get before and after a workout. I have gone from the upper end of a 3XL to an XL now. How can this not make you feel good?”

-Mark M. – Lost 100 lbs!




“I have seen amazing results that could not have happened had I not started training properly. I used to hate to sweat. I no longer roll out of bed, but jump out of bed. I feel awesome and I look great!”
-Carol M.

“For me the biggest difference since starting training has been that I have a lot more energy. A year ago I would have never imagined that I would actually get out of bed every morning at 6am. It would have been beyond my wildest dreams to think that I would want to exercise again after work.”

-Lesley B.

“I feel stronger and more confident. I get compliments at work and from my friends about my appearance. Beyond just my appearance, I am on the road to being and active person for the rest of my life.”
-Paul M.

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